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behind the scenes: a look back at the last year

behind the scenes

Ever wonder what it’s like behind the scenes on a wedding day? Or how we get those amazing interactions between our couples during their engagement session?

There truly is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to make our time with you flow just right. I ask a lot of questions before the big day. A lot. From working with you to create the best timeline guide for the day to collaborating with your coordinator to obtaining all names of the family members you wish to be included in the family formals to your wish list of must haves for our shot list. Combine a large amount of pre-wedding preparation with the friendship I have created and fostered with you over the last months and I have the perfect recipe for your beautiful photographs.

A look back…

This past year has been quite a whirlwind of gorgeous weddings, romantic engagement sessions, and fantastic couples with hearts of gold that have treated me like family. And I love it because in my head that’s what we are. From the moment you say yes to joining the #mallorymccluretribe you instantly become my family and I take an earnest interest in your lives, your upcoming marriage, and your heart.

And for my family I will do anything.

When it comes to documenting your day, I am more than just your photographer. I’m your confidant. Your time checker. Your dress and bouquet holder. Your message deliverer. I’m not afraid to ask those deep questions to get you both intimately interacting with one another. I’m also not afraid to make a complete fool of myself to break the ice and get everyone laughing. Ask Lilly. She’ll totally vouch for that. : ) And will do the same, as well. Make sure to scroll all the way through the end to see a series of images of Lilly behind the scenes. You’ll get to see what started out as a silly prompt and how she captured the magic that it created!

Our Mission

So when you look through my website and browse at your favorite shares on my journal or when you’re scrolling through my Instagram or reading through my newsletter, I hope you know that in order to get all of those amazing, memorable, important, and breathtaking shots I have put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears in behind the scenes in order to make those photographs possible.

It is our continued mission throughout 2020 to provide romantic and authentic fine art imagery capturing not only the pretty moments, but the real and raw moments, too. Thank you to everyone who made 2019 such a blast and I hope you enjoy this look back through some of my favorite behind the scenes moments.

Behind the scenes of a bride and groom portrait outside at Wyndridge Farm
Mallory photographing bride and groom in the rain at Wyndridge Farm
Mallory explaining to engaged couple how to place hands and embrace for photograph of ring
Engaged couple embracing in rose garden at Hershey Gardens for summer engagement photograph
Behind the scenes with Mallory and bridesmaids perfecting bride's dress for portrait at The Barn at Silverstone in Lancaster, PA
Behind the scenes with Mallory and the bridal party at The Barn at Silverstone in Lancaster, PA
Behind the scenes with Mallory positioning bride and groom's hands for photograph of wedding bands at Riverdale Manor in Lancaster, PA
Bride and groom at summer wedding at Riverdale Manor in Lancaster, PA
Mallory photographing bride and groom at The Cork Factory in Lancaster, PA
Behind the scenes with Mallory carrying bride's dress after bridal portraits at Boxhill Mansion
Mallory explaining the next series of portraits to the bridesmaids and bride at The Barn at Silverstone
Behind the scenes with Mallory photographing wedding bands in window at Linwood Estate
Behind the scenes with Mallory and Lilly having fun with the bride and groom after sunset photographs at Linwood Estate
Bride and groom portrait at Philadelphia wedding
Mallory explaining the next series of prompts to couple during their engagement session at Historic Acres of Hershey
Mallory photographing wedding bands with bride and groom at Riverdale Manor
Behind the scenes side view of Mallory photographing bridesmaids at Linwood Estate
Mallory perfecting the bride's veil for a bridal portrait at The Barn at Silverstone
Overall view of Mallory photographing an outdoor wedding ceremony at Lily Manor in the fall
Bride and bridesmaids portraits outside at Lily Manor in the fall
Mallory explaining the action for the bridal party to follow for photograph
Behind the scenes of bride and groom portraits at The Farm at Eagles Ridge
Mallory photographing wedding bands with macro lens at Linwood Estate
Sequence of Lilly explaining a prompt to the bride and groom and the outcome

Featured venues:

The Barn at Silverstone

Linwood Estate

The Cork Factory

The Farm at Eagles Ridge

Lily Manor

Riverdale Manor

Historic Acres of Hershey

Boxhill Mansion

Hershey Gardens

Wyndridge Farm

And to see more from the featured Cork Factory wedding with Hannah and Shawn, click here!

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