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behind the scenes: a look back at the last year

behind the scenes

Ever wonder what it’s like behind the scenes on a wedding day? Or how we get those amazing interactions between our couples during their engagement session?

There truly is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to make our time with you flow just right. I ask a lot of questions before the big day. A lot. From working with you to create the best timeline guide for the day to collaborating with your coordinator to obtaining all names of the family members you wish to be included in the family formals to your wish list of must haves for our shot list. Combine a large amount of pre-wedding preparation with the friendship I have created and fostered with you over the last months and I have the perfect recipe for your beautiful photographs.

A look back…

This past year has been quite a whirlwind of gorgeous weddings, romantic engagement sessions, and fantastic couples with hearts of gold that have treated me like family. And I love it because in my head that’s what we are. From the moment you say yes to joining the #mallorymccluretribe you instantly become my family and I take an earnest interest in your lives, your upcoming marriage, and your heart.

And for my family I will do anything.

When it comes to documenting your day, I am more than just your photographer. I’m your confidant. Your time checker. Your dress and bouquet holder. Your message deliverer. I’m not afraid to ask those deep questions to get you both intimately interacting with one another. I’m also not afraid to make a complete fool of myself to break the ice and get everyone laughing. Ask Lilly. She’ll totally vouch for that. : ) And will do the same, as well. Make sure to scroll all the way through the end to see a series of images of Lilly behind the scenes. You’ll get to see what started out as a silly prompt and how she captured the magic that it created!

Our Mission

So when you look through my website and browse at your favorite shares on my journal or when you’re scrolling through my Instagram or reading through my newsletter, I hope you know that in order to get all of those amazing, memorable, important, and breathtaking shots I have put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears in behind the scenes in order to make those photographs possible.

It is our continued mission throughout 2020 to provide romantic and authentic fine art imagery capturing not only the pretty moments, but the real and raw moments, too. Thank you to everyone who made 2019 such a blast and I hope you enjoy this look back through some of my favorite behind the scenes moments.

Behind the scenes of a bride and groom portrait outside at Wyndridge Farm
Mallory photographing bride and groom in the rain at Wyndridge Farm
Mallory explaining to engaged couple how to place hands and embrace for photograph of ring
Engaged couple embracing in rose garden at Hershey Gardens for summer engagement photograph
Behind the scenes with Mallory and bridesmaids perfecting bride's dress for portrait at The Barn at Silverstone in Lancaster, PA
Behind the scenes with Mallory and the bridal party at The Barn at Silverstone in Lancaster, PA
Behind the scenes with Mallory positioning bride and groom's hands for photograph of wedding bands at Riverdale Manor in Lancaster, PA
Bride and groom at summer wedding at Riverdale Manor in Lancaster, PA
Mallory photographing bride and groom at The Cork Factory in Lancaster, PA
Behind the scenes with Mallory carrying bride's dress after bridal portraits at Boxhill Mansion
Mallory explaining the next series of portraits to the bridesmaids and bride at The Barn at Silverstone
Behind the scenes with Mallory photographing wedding bands in window at Linwood Estate
Behind the scenes with Mallory and Lilly having fun with the bride and groom after sunset photographs at Linwood Estate
Bride and groom portrait at Philadelphia wedding
Mallory explaining the next series of prompts to couple during their engagement session at Historic Acres of Hershey
Mallory photographing wedding bands with bride and groom at Riverdale Manor
Behind the scenes side view of Mallory photographing bridesmaids at Linwood Estate
Mallory perfecting the bride's veil for a bridal portrait at The Barn at Silverstone
Overall view of Mallory photographing an outdoor wedding ceremony at Lily Manor in the fall
Bride and bridesmaids portraits outside at Lily Manor in the fall
Mallory explaining the action for the bridal party to follow for photograph
Behind the scenes of bride and groom portraits at The Farm at Eagles Ridge
Mallory photographing wedding bands with macro lens at Linwood Estate
Sequence of Lilly explaining a prompt to the bride and groom and the outcome

Featured venues:

The Barn at Silverstone

Linwood Estate

The Cork Factory

The Farm at Eagles Ridge

Lily Manor

Riverdale Manor

Historic Acres of Hershey

Boxhill Mansion

Hershey Gardens

Wyndridge Farm

And to see more from the featured Cork Factory wedding with Hannah and Shawn, click here!

January 16, 2020

Film Photography, Wedding Day Photography

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a central pa summer engagement by the river

Aimee + Roger

From the moment I first talked to Aimee and Roger and the more we chatted about their beautiful wedding day the more I felt like the Lord had placed them in my life for a specific reason. Fast forward to their Central PA summer engagement session by the river where I met this adorable couple for the first time in person and it was clear our paths were meant to cross. As a result, I instantly fell in love with Aimee and Roger. They are truly some of the sweetest, kindest folks I ever met and the love between them is inspiring.

Aimee is studying to be a nurse. It is easy to see she is meant to serve others with her calm demeanor and warm smile. Meanwhile, Roger had my head spinning as he explained his job in mechanical engineering. Gosh do I admire the men and women whose brains work like that!

They met through church, but that meeting almost didn’t even happen. Roger was about to take on a new job out west, but for whatever reason (call it luck, chance, the Lord’s hand, you name it) he didn’t and at what was supposed to be his farewell dinner it is there and then that he met Aimee.

The session…

We began the session with a prayer. A peace fell over us all and we embarked on our adventure. From snuggling in whimsical, whispy fields to dancing by the river banks. To journeying through the tall trees to exploring the rocks and catching the most beautiful sunset. In other words, the session was a dream come true creatively and I enjoyed the conversation just as much as taking the photos. I was inspired in more ways than I can explain (stay tuned as I figure it all out!).

Thank you Aimee and Roger for trusting me with your vision and to document such an important time in your lives. It has been a huge honor and I cannot wait for the wedding day!

“I am absolutely blown away by the engagement photos. Roger and I looked at them together, today. They are stunning and I feel that you truly captured us so well. You captured the exact style I had been imagining in my head. I am grateful that you are our photographer and the engagement shoot made me beyond excited for our wedding pictures. Thank you, thank you, thank you for driving out to meet us.” – Aimee, Featured MMP Bride

central pa summer engagement session by the river
couple snuggling in a field
central pa summer engagement session by the river
central pa summer engagement session by the river
couple snuggling near purple flowers in field
couple holding hands with engagement ring
central pa summer engagement session by the river
central pa summer engagement session by the river
central pa summer engagement session by the river
central pa summer engagement session by the river
couple walking through tall trees hand in hand
central pa summer engagement session by the river
central pa summer engagement session by the river
bride in the river at sunset
central pa summer engagement session by the river
central pa summer engagement session by the river
central pa summer engagement session by the river
central pa summer engagement session by the river
central pa summer engagement session by the river
couple standing on rock in river at sunset
central pa summer engagement session by the river at sunset

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Engaged and want to join the #mallorymcclurefamily ? Let’s chat my dear!

September 5, 2019


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Beyond the Vows

The history behind Beyond the Vows…

Beyond the Vows began just a little over two years ago, but has made a huge impact in just the four events we have held since then. What started out as a calling felt by myself and Hannah of Sparrow and Lace Photography to invest in couples beyond the wedding day, grew into providing an experience where they can come take a break from the busyness of life in a safe and relaxed space. A place where they can focus on themselves and their marriage no matter what season they may find themselves in.

With each Beyond the Vows event, we have learned so much about love, life, and the ebbs and flows of what it is to be married. We have been able to touch couples who were struggling with their relationship and were giving it one more try to make it work. We have celebrated with a couple married for 35 years and entering an exciting new phase of life. We’ve been able to encourage newly married couples as they navigate the early years. We have provided priceless keepsakes for a couple that was preparing to say goodbye to one another as cancer was taking over his body. We have shed tears for a couple as they tried over and over again to conceive and were lead to the journey of adoption. And now we pray for them as they continue to wait for God to place a child in their path.

What to expect at Beyond the Vows…

Yes, you can guarantee there will be delicious food. Yes, you can guarantee you will be leaving with our new Beyond the Vows Monthly Marriage Challenge book. And yes, there will definitely be a photo session involved. But the most important detail we provide is the overall therapeutic experience, love, and support. We are genuinely interested and invested in each couple that walks through that door. We want to know how you met. When did you first know you were in love. How can we pray for you. How can we celebrate with you. Ultimately, what can we do to serve you and your marriage in the best way possible.

Our most recent event…

The other week we hosted several couples for Beyond the Vows at the relaxing River Nook Airbnb in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Located right along a peaceful stream, the home was cozy, warm, and inviting sprinkled with a few unique pieces (check out the hanging bed!). The property itself was beautiful with large trees, fire pit, beach area, and tree swings.

We welcomed each couple and took some time to either get to know them better or catch up with them over food and drinks. Then we transitioned into the session part of the day. With each session we try to get you connecting on a deeper level. We start out light and simple. Perhaps in an embrace or holding hands synchronizing your breathing. And with each push of the camera button we talk you through carefully curated healing and inspiring prompts and direction. By the end of your session it is our hope that you feel that much closer to your spouse. But ultimately your experience isn’t over yet.

This year’s Beyond the Vows event was so heartwarming. Couples stayed long after their sessions and joined us all in conversation around the charcuterie board. Or hung out in the living room where they pulled questions from a bowl that ignited unique conversation. Or they ventured down to the water and simply took in the peacefulness that it provided. Others continued their date day as they headed off to dinner or made their way home for a date night in. It is always our hope and prayer that as each couple leaves, we have reignited their passion and inspired their spark.

In the coming weeks I will be sharing exactly what Beyond the Vows means to me. If you want to learn more or become part of the movement, check out www.beyondthevows.org and follow along with us on Instagram!

Beyond the Vows charcuterie board
Beyond the Vows charcuterie board
Beyond the Vows charcuterie board
Mallory welcoming a couple to Beyond the Vows

Beyond the Vows thank you gifts
Beyond the Vows Movement Instagram Sign
Beyond the Vows behind the scenes Mallory photographing couple by the water
Beyond the Vows 2019 couple
Beyond the Vows behind the scenes Mallory photographing couple by the water
Beyond the Vows 2019 couple
Beyond the Vows 2019 couple
Beyond the Vows 2019 couple
Beyond the Vows 2019 couple

“Oh my Word… I LOVE them!!! These are awesome and Jim loves them too!!  Thank you so much for this special gallery – they will be cherished and hung on our walls!! Thanks again and again!! What a sweet event this is!!”
– Deb and Jim, Two time BTV attendees


Rekindle. Revive. Remember. Renew.

Click here to learn more about Beyond the Vows and join the movement!


Click here to see more from our 2018 Beyond the Vows event at the Farm at Eagles Ridge!

August 29, 2019

Beyond the Vows Movement

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A cultural summer wedding at Hotel Hershey

Hannan + Mia

Earlier this year we had the honor of joining Hannan and Mia for their marriage celebration at Hotel Hershey. Hannan grew up in Hershey and Mia and her family were from Chicago. They met in Philadelphia and the rest is history. 

The Celebration…

Family traveled from all over the world to be a part of their days long celebration. It began in Chicago where Hannan and Mia officially tied the knot and ended with a huge valima reception a week later at the Hotel Hershey where Lilly and I got to join in on the fun.

There was glamour from Mia’s stunning jewelry to the gorgeous sea of colors worn by the ladies in attendance. The decor and details were amazingly coordinated by David of Mx2 Event Design as he transformed the ballroom into a room fit for royalty. The Hotel Hershey also provided the stunning outdoor backdrop for Hannan and Mia’s portrait session just before the celebration began.

One of our favorite parts was when Hannan’s mother and sisters were joined by ladies from their family for a traditional dance. And as they pulled Mia into the mix with them the crowd swarmed to the dance floor and the seats at the tables were all left empty. This group new how to celebrate and we couldn’t help but move to the music, too.

Not only were they all the sweetest family to work with, but it was such an amazing experience to immerse ourselves into their culture. The vendor team were rockstars, too, and we could not thank them all enough (scroll to the bottom to check them out!). What a truly beautiful and inspiring day it was at the Hotel Hershey!


Vendor Credits:

Venue | The Hotel Hershey

Design & Planning | Mx2 Event Design

Florals | Blooms by Vickrey

Linens | Special on Queen Street

Rentals | White Glove Rentals & Cort Events

DJ & Reception Lighting | JP Entertainment

Lighting | Klock Entertainment

HMUA | Philly Hair

Videography | Complete Weddings & Events

To see another one of our favorite collaborations with Mx2 Event Design, click HERE!

August 27, 2019

Film Photography, Wedding Day Photography

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A Spring Wedding at Lake Raystown

Lauren + Chris

It’s no secret I love the outdoors. Give me a day on the lake with a boat, sunshine, and good company and I’m set. When Lauren and Chris came to me about their spring wedding at Lake Raystown I was more than on board (pun intended).

And then last fall I met up with this adorable duo for their engagement session at The Winery at Hunters Valley. Not only was I super excited as this place is very special to me (it’s practically in my back yard with the most beautiful view of the Susquehanna River and it is where Ryan and I got married ten years ago!), but the more I got to know Lauren and Chris, I knew they were my kind of people. Relaxed. Funny. Up for anything I suggested. And in love. So in love.

I left that session refreshed. Lauren and Chris are just the kind of people that make your heart smile. I knew their spring wedding on the lake could not come soon enough.

The Wedding Day…

Que the angels because their wedding day was an absolute dream. Nestled amongst the mountains, family and friends gathered at Lake Raystown Resort at a lookout point for the wedding ceremony. It was full of lush, soft florals (perfect for spring!) and beautiful violin music courtesy of the groom’s cousin. And as Chris’s daughter and Lauren made their way down the aisle to him, there was no hiding his contagious smile.

Fast forward to the reception and we were wow-ed! Lauren’s vision was a dream come true from the golden arch covered in dreamy florals that framed the bridal table to the stunning golden centerpieces that gave the whole room a modern, yet whimsical touch. And the best part? Chris and some of his friends made the golden pieces especially for Lauren so that her dream could become their wedding day reality.

As we enjoyed the spring weather in the resort’s indoor/outdoor reception space, we captured their romantic and heartwarming first dance as husband and wife. We witnessed tear jerking dances with their parents and their daughter (oh and for more of that make sure to check out Lauren’s first look with her dad below!). We enjoyed a delicious dinner and decadent dessert. All the while documenting the fantastic time Lauren, Chris, and their guests were having. This was a fun group of people for sure!

And to top it all off, we got to sneak away for a few moments with just the bride and groom right before the last of the day’s light left us. Not only do Lilly and I get excited for more time to photograph our couples at sunset, but these times can also be a welcomed break for a bride and groom to have a few private moments connecting together amidst the business of the day.


Overall, I cannot be more thrilled to share this beautiful spring wedding with you all! Thank you to everyone who took part and helped make Lauren and Chris’s day the magical moment that it was. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Maines!


Vendor Credits:

Venue | Lake Raystown Resort

Florals | Deihl’s Flowers Inc

DJ | Nittany Entertainment

HMUA | Beautiful Dream Team

Bakery | Maddie Cakes

Invitations | Minted Weddings

Gown | Maggie Sottero from Diamonds and Lace Bridal

Suit | Men’s Wearhouse

Rings | Foss Jewelers, Inc. and Rustic and Main

Watch | Luminox World

For more spring floral inspiration, click HERE to check out one of my romantic styled shoots that was recently featured on Belle the Magazine!

August 1, 2019

Film Photography, Wedding Day Photography

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A Cairnwood Estate Royal European Inspired Wedding

My Journey as a Film Wedding Photographer

This gallery of images is super personal for me. As a budding film wedding photographer, I attended a workshop with the oh-so-talented Lauren and Tim Fair of Lauren Fair Photography. Not only was it amazing to meet these two photographers with similar passions as my own, but a whole room full of them as I met other attendees from all over the United States and oversees.

If you’ve been following along for a while, you know my passion for film photography runs deep. And over the last few years I have worked hard at perfecting my craft in hopes of incorporating film as my main medium. The dreamy, painterly look you get with film just can’t be duplicated. And the challenge of having to know and read the light before I even push the shutter button has pushed me creatively and inspired me so much.

It is with that love and passion that I share these images. Not just because they’re beautiful, but because they artistically fill my cup and fuel my fire.

Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0127.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0126.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0140.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0124.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0146.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0161.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0162.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0143.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0130.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0131.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0134.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0138.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0154.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0144.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0155.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0156.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0145.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0152.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0159.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0163.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0149.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0147.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0158.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0157.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0128.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0142.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0139.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0153.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0165.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0167.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0150.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0135.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0132.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0141.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0129.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0166.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0133.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0160.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0164.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0148.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0136.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0151.jpg
Cairnwood Estate European Royal Wedding_0137.jpg

Thank you to all of the amazing vendors who gave of their time and talents to create such a stunning space for us to work with and create art with. And thank you Lauren and Tim for putting the workshop together and sharing your wealth of knowledge.

Photographed at the Lauren Fair Workshop with @laurenfair #LaurenFairPhotographyWorkshop

Workshop Host | @laurenfair + @timbfair

Creative Direction/Styling | @eastmadeco

Floral Design | @fayeandrenee

Hair & Makeup | @truebeautymarks

Stationery & Calligraphy | @shotgunningforlove

Cake | @trouvaillebakery

Fashion | @gabriellabridal @reemacrawedding @suzanneharward @saragabriel

Shoes | @bellabelleshoes

Rings | @susiesaltzman

Earrings | @jenniferbehr

Rentals | @whitegloverentals

Linens | @bbjlinen

Styling Surfaces/Sponsor | @locustcollection

Styling Props/Sponsor | @curatedbehavior

Ribbon | @eastcoasttrimming

Ring Boxes | @voeu_du_coeur

Venue | @cairnwood

Models | @reinhardagency

Sponsor | @photovisionprints

Sponsor | @renaissancealbums

Sponsor | @honeybook

July 9, 2019

Film Photography, Wedding Day Photography

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A Cork Factory Hotel Winter Wedding

Hannah + Shawn

One of our last weddings of the 2018 season was a Cork Factory Hotel winter wedding with this amazing duo in Lancaster, PA. When Hannah first reached out to me about photographing her wedding I was honored as I always am, but really honored this time as we went to college together. And as I got to know Shawn and Hannah a bit more it turned out we had so many things in common. Shawn graduated from Millersville – Brooke’s alma mater and Hannah and I grew up just miles from one another without ever knowing it!

Hannah and Shawn met in 2014 after they both relocated to Philadelphia for work. Little did they know this City of Brotherly Love would come to meet so much to them and be their first of many cities they would call home together. When they found themselves in Florida for Shawn’s job they also found themselves engaged a few months later. Planning a wedding from a different state can be tough, but these two were pros with their laid back attitudes.

They were going to need those relaxed vibes more than they could have realized as they then found themselves packing up and moving to Chicago for work mid wedding planning.

The Wedding Day…

Amidst all the craziness, Hannah and Shawn (with the help of a rockstar friendor team – see below!), planned out a beautiful winter wedding day where their families and friends melted together in celebration. Their colors of burgundy and navy blue were the perfect fit for the warm indoor atmosphere of the Cork Factory Hotel. And can we please talk about Hannah’s stunning faux fur shawl and golden details?

But the absolute best part was getting to witness two people so deserving of love become husband and wife. From the private moments in their rooms reading one another’s love notes before seeing each other for the first time. From the celebratory moments with their bridal party that had us laughing just as much as they were. To the beautiful ceremony and words spoken aloud as they gave themselves to each other. To the lively and fun-loving moments of the reception where the dance floor was packed all night long.

Congratulations Hannah and Shawn! May your love continue to grow as you adventure through marriage together!

Bride and groom walking at Cork Factory Hotel
bride getting hair done in Cork Factory Hotel bridal suite
Bride putting on earrings and wedding dress by window
Badgley Mischka bridal shoes
bride's jewelry, perfume, and necklace
bride reading love letter from groom
groom opening champagne with groomsmen and reading love letter from bride
bride looking over shoulder and flower bouquet with charm

Vendor Credits:

Venue & Coordination | The Cork Factory Hotel

Photographer | Mallory McClure Photography

Officiant | Rev. Reenie Panzini

Florist | Petals with Style

DJ & Photobooth | Top Hat DJ

Hair & Makeup | Salon 717

Bakery & Catering | The Cork Factory Hotel

Bridal Boutique | In White Bridal

Dress Designer | Sincerity Bridal

Suit | Men’s Warehouse

Shoes | Belle by Badgley Mischka

February 13, 2019

Film Photography, Wedding Day Photography

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Why I shoot film as a wedding photographer

My journey with wedding film photography

If you know me well, you know I love authentic things. Things that stem from “let’s do it the way it was down back in the day” kind of things. I love the history and knowing where the things I am interested in came from. It’s no surprise that I have fallen in love with wedding film photography.

When I took a deep interest in photography it was right in the middle of the popularity and affordability of the digital age. I knew of film. I grew up having used many, many point and click film cameras that I would excitedly drop off at the local store to have sent away and be developed. Then patiently wait at least a week for the photos to return and the surprise of images that awaited me. In college I developed my own film in the art department’s dark room and loved seeing my images comes to life as I moved the photo paper from bin to bin.

When I started my business fresh out of college, those memories somewhat evaded me as I was focused on the best digital camera and learning how to use that as my main medium to join my fellow photographers in the working world. As time moved on, though, I started to remember my love for film and the creative process. I started to yearn for that authenticity and the artistic look you get when shooting film that just can’t be perfectly replicated with digital photography.

So I dove in. I got myself a Canon 1V, some Fuji400 film, a light meter and started shooting away. Easy right? Wrong. There is so much knowledge that goes into creating a film photograph that reflects exactly what you want. It’s one of the other aspects of film photography that I just absolutely love. You have to have all your settings just right and shoot for perfection each and every time you click that button. It challenges me and pushes me to be the best wedding film photographer I can be.

My relationship with wedding film photography today

I love incorporating film photography into every wedding and couples session I photograph. My love for this medium cannot fully be expressed in words, thus, my favorite photographs from 2018. Thank you to every couple who understands the time it takes to create such art and for trusting me when I pulled out my light meter and you innocently asked, “What’s that for?”. My heart and soul continue to be filled with happiness through working with couples and especially now as my creative soul is fulfilled, as well.Mallory-McClure-Photography-Central-PA-Vineyard_0041.jpg
wedding film photography Mallory-McClure-Photography-Central-PA-Vineyard_0026.jpg
wedding film photographer washington dcMallory-McClure-Photography-Central-PA-Vineyard_0054.jpg
wedding film photography washington dcMallory-McClure-Photography-Central-PA-Vineyard_0027.jpg
wedding film photography washington dcMallory-McClure-Photography-Central-PA-Vineyard_0052.jpg
beach engagement film photography ocean city marylandMallory-McClure-Photography-Central-PA-Vineyard_0040.jpg
wedding film photography washington dcMallory-McClure-Photography-Central-PA-Vineyard_0030.jpg
wedding film photography washington dcMallory-McClure-Photography-Central-PA-Vineyard_0044.jpg
wedding film photography washington dcMallory-McClure-Photography-Central-PA-Vineyard_0045.jpg
wedding film photography ocean city beachMallory-McClure-Photography-Central-PA-Vineyard_0046.jpg

Film processed by: PhotoVision

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January 31, 2019

Engagement, Film Photography, Wedding Day Photography

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A Fall Vineyard Engagement Session

Lauren + Chris

When these two mentioned that they wanted to meet up at a local winery for their fall vineyard engagement session I was excited. When they told me they wanted to go to The Winery at Hunters Valley I jumped for joy! This very vineyard is not only minutes from my home, but the very place Ryan and I got married ten years ago! Needless to say, it holds a very special place in my heart and I was more than thrilled to go there with Lauren and Chris to celebrate their engagement.

The Session…

Wow, the weather could not have been more perfect for a vineyard engagement session. Beautiful clear sky and warm sunshine paired with the amazing view of the Susquehanna River and Lauren and Chris’s infectious laughter. Their photographs say it all as they were all smiles and you could just feel the connection between them. Lauren and Chris are those wonderful types of people that just put your own soul at ease and allow you to be in the moment enjoying every second of it.

These two lovebirds will officially kick off our 2019 wedding season later this year when we travel to Raystown Lake for their wedding day. We’re counting down the days, but for now these sunshine filled images will definitely do!

Fall Vineyard Engagement Session
Fall Vineyard Engagement Session
Fall Vineyard Engagement Session
Fall Vineyard Engagement Session
Fall Vineyard Engagement Session
Fall Vineyard Engagement Session
Fall Vineyard Engagement Session
Fall Vineyard Engagement Session
Fall Vineyard Engagement Session
Fall Vineyard Engagement Session
Fall Vineyard Engagement Session
Fall Vineyard Engagement Session
Fall Vineyard Engagement Session
Fall Vineyard Engagement Session
Fall Vineyard Engagement Session

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January 24, 2019

Engagement, Film Photography

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A fall Washington DC engagement

Marissa + Eric

These two. When they mentioned they wanted a fall Washington DC engagement session so they could include their current hometown, I was 100% down for the road trip and visiting one of my favorite places. The architecture, the history, the food, the art. Add that it’s one of my favorite places to photograph and I could go on and on.

Marissa and Eric are truly the sweetest and I have really enjoyed getting to know them over the last few months. They were pros during their engagement session! And now I am impatiently counting down the days to their September 2019 wedding at Riverdale Manor.

What started off as a summer romance for them easily transitioned into a strong relationship. They both agreed that things just felt so right and they couldn’t deny it any longer. Fast forward almost five years, a move to Washington DC, and adding their golden-doodle, Reggie, to their family. Marissa and Eric are both strong, intelligent, and hard working. Their hospitality, kind words, and the way they balance one another is a match made in heaven.

The Session…

With the United States Capitol and the Jefferson Memorial as our backdrops, that dreamy fall sunset poured in and we were transported to what felt like another world. It was a perfect day and a wonderful reminder that I am blessed with working with fantastic people that warm my heart. You could see the tenderness in the way Eric held Marissa. And you could see her eyes light up when she looked at him. They are true relationship inspiration and I am so honored to be able to call them friends.



Want to see some more engagement session inspiration from another one of our favorite cities to photograph in? Check out Natalie and Tyler’s session in Old City Philly!

December 6, 2018


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