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a dreamy fall engagement session in charleston

Kelly + Jim

Lovers of the outdoors and recently relocated to South Carolina for work, Ryan and I hopped on a plane and flew to Charleston to meet up with Kelly and Jim. I had always wanted to visit and had dreams of photographing amongst the dreamy spanish moss at sunset. So when Kelly and I began planning the details of their engagement session months before this, it was a no brainer to schedule their fall engagement session in Charleston.

Ryan and I arrived to our Airbnb a day before the session so I could travel around to the planned locations and make sure each would be just as we wanted it to be the next day. My brain was on visual beauty overload, but in the best way. I was running on pure adrenaline and excitement (and maybe a few biscuits here and there and by few I mean a lot). We travelled to Folly Beach, Charles Towne Landing Historic Site, and wandered around downtown Charleston and its colorful architecture and scenic water views.

The Session

The next day Kelly and Jim arrived in town and the rest is dreamy sunset history. Not only did I get to create photographs I’d been dreaming up forever, but I got to share in Kelly and Jim’s beautiful relationship and witness their love firsthand. Their laid back personalities and go with the flow natures made for a flawless session. It was a true testimony to when a couple puts their full trust in me and that experience is always humbling. We topped it off with dinner at one of their favorite restaurants and, you guessed it, more biscuits.

It was a whirlwind of a weekend and one I would go back to many times. Until next time, Charleston. <3

fall engagement session in charleston
fall engagement session in charleston
Mallory McClure Photography Tunison Engagement Film-6.jpg
fall engagement session in charleston
fall engagement session in charleston
fall engagement session in charleston
Mallory McClure Photography Tunison Engagement-39.jpg
fall engagement session in charleston

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Film processing provided by PhotoVision Prints

couple dancing near the water at sunset with the spanish moss

Engagement, Film Photography

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a central pa summer engagement by the river

Aimee + Roger

From the moment I first talked to Aimee and Roger and the more we chatted about their beautiful wedding day the more I felt like the Lord had placed them in my life for a specific reason. Fast forward to their Central PA summer engagement session by the river where I met this adorable couple for the first time in person and it was clear our paths were meant to cross. As a result, I instantly fell in love with Aimee and Roger. They are truly some of the sweetest, kindest folks I ever met and the love between them is inspiring.

Aimee is studying to be a nurse. It is easy to see she is meant to serve others with her calm demeanor and warm smile. Meanwhile, Roger had my head spinning as he explained his job in mechanical engineering. Gosh do I admire the men and women whose brains work like that!

They met through church, but that meeting almost didn’t even happen. Roger was about to take on a new job out west, but for whatever reason (call it luck, chance, the Lord’s hand, you name it) he didn’t and at what was supposed to be his farewell dinner it is there and then that he met Aimee.

The session…

We began the session with a prayer. A peace fell over us all and we embarked on our adventure. From snuggling in whimsical, whispy fields to dancing by the river banks. To journeying through the tall trees to exploring the rocks and catching the most beautiful sunset. In other words, the session was a dream come true creatively and I enjoyed the conversation just as much as taking the photos. I was inspired in more ways than I can explain (stay tuned as I figure it all out!).

Thank you Aimee and Roger for trusting me with your vision and to document such an important time in your lives. It has been a huge honor and I cannot wait for the wedding day!

“I am absolutely blown away by the engagement photos. Roger and I looked at them together, today. They are stunning and I feel that you truly captured us so well. You captured the exact style I had been imagining in my head. I am grateful that you are our photographer and the engagement shoot made me beyond excited for our wedding pictures. Thank you, thank you, thank you for driving out to meet us.” – Aimee, Featured MMP Bride

central pa summer engagement session by the river
couple snuggling in a field
central pa summer engagement session by the river
central pa summer engagement session by the river
couple snuggling near purple flowers in field
couple holding hands with engagement ring
central pa summer engagement session by the river
central pa summer engagement session by the river
central pa summer engagement session by the river
central pa summer engagement session by the river
couple walking through tall trees hand in hand
central pa summer engagement session by the river
central pa summer engagement session by the river
bride in the river at sunset
central pa summer engagement session by the river
central pa summer engagement session by the river
central pa summer engagement session by the river
central pa summer engagement session by the river
central pa summer engagement session by the river
couple standing on rock in river at sunset
central pa summer engagement session by the river at sunset

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central pa summer engagement session by the river


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Why I shoot film as a wedding photographer

My journey with wedding film photography

If you know me well, you know I love authentic things. Things that stem from “let’s do it the way it was down back in the day” kind of things. I love the history and knowing where the things I am interested in came from. It’s no surprise that I have fallen in love with wedding film photography.

When I took a deep interest in photography it was right in the middle of the popularity and affordability of the digital age. I knew of film. I grew up having used many, many point and click film cameras that I would excitedly drop off at the local store to have sent away and be developed. Then patiently wait at least a week for the photos to return and the surprise of images that awaited me. In college I developed my own film in the art department’s dark room and loved seeing my images comes to life as I moved the photo paper from bin to bin.

When I started my business fresh out of college, those memories somewhat evaded me as I was focused on the best digital camera and learning how to use that as my main medium to join my fellow photographers in the working world. As time moved on, though, I started to remember my love for film and the creative process. I started to yearn for that authenticity and the artistic look you get when shooting film that just can’t be perfectly replicated with digital photography.

So I dove in. I got myself a Canon 1V, some Fuji400 film, a light meter and started shooting away. Easy right? Wrong. There is so much knowledge that goes into creating a film photograph that reflects exactly what you want. It’s one of the other aspects of film photography that I just absolutely love. You have to have all your settings just right and shoot for perfection each and every time you click that button. It challenges me and pushes me to be the best wedding film photographer I can be.

My relationship with wedding film photography today

I love incorporating film photography into every wedding and couples session I photograph. My love for this medium cannot fully be expressed in words, thus, my favorite photographs from 2018. Thank you to every couple who understands the time it takes to create such art and for trusting me when I pulled out my light meter and you innocently asked, “What’s that for?”. My heart and soul continue to be filled with happiness through working with couples and especially now as my creative soul is fulfilled, as well.Mallory-McClure-Photography-Central-PA-Vineyard_0041.jpg
wedding film photography Mallory-McClure-Photography-Central-PA-Vineyard_0026.jpg
wedding film photographer washington dcMallory-McClure-Photography-Central-PA-Vineyard_0054.jpg
wedding film photography washington dcMallory-McClure-Photography-Central-PA-Vineyard_0027.jpg
wedding film photography washington dcMallory-McClure-Photography-Central-PA-Vineyard_0052.jpg
beach engagement film photography ocean city marylandMallory-McClure-Photography-Central-PA-Vineyard_0040.jpg
wedding film photography washington dcMallory-McClure-Photography-Central-PA-Vineyard_0030.jpg
wedding film photography washington dcMallory-McClure-Photography-Central-PA-Vineyard_0044.jpg
wedding film photography washington dcMallory-McClure-Photography-Central-PA-Vineyard_0045.jpg
wedding film photography ocean city beachMallory-McClure-Photography-Central-PA-Vineyard_0046.jpg

Film processed by: PhotoVision

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engagement film photography hershey gardens

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A Fall Vineyard Engagement Session

Lauren + Chris

When these two mentioned that they wanted to meet up at a local winery for their fall vineyard engagement session I was excited. When they told me they wanted to go to The Winery at Hunters Valley I jumped for joy! This very vineyard is not only minutes from my home, but the very place Ryan and I got married ten years ago! Needless to say, it holds a very special place in my heart and I was more than thrilled to go there with Lauren and Chris to celebrate their engagement.

The Session…

Wow, the weather could not have been more perfect for a vineyard engagement session. Beautiful clear sky and warm sunshine paired with the amazing view of the Susquehanna River and Lauren and Chris’s infectious laughter. Their photographs say it all as they were all smiles and you could just feel the connection between them. Lauren and Chris are those wonderful types of people that just put your own soul at ease and allow you to be in the moment enjoying every second of it.

These two lovebirds will officially kick off our 2019 wedding season later this year when we travel to Raystown Lake for their wedding day. We’re counting down the days, but for now these sunshine filled images will definitely do!

Fall Vineyard Engagement Session
Fall Vineyard Engagement Session
Fall Vineyard Engagement Session
Fall Vineyard Engagement Session
Fall Vineyard Engagement Session
Fall Vineyard Engagement Session
Fall Vineyard Engagement Session
Fall Vineyard Engagement Session
Fall Vineyard Engagement Session
Fall Vineyard Engagement Session
Fall Vineyard Engagement Session
Fall Vineyard Engagement Session
Fall Vineyard Engagement Session
Fall Vineyard Engagement Session
Fall Vineyard Engagement Session

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Fall Vineyard Engagement Session

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A fall Washington DC engagement

Marissa + Eric

These two. When they mentioned they wanted a fall Washington DC engagement session so they could include their current hometown, I was 100% down for the road trip and visiting one of my favorite places. The architecture, the history, the food, the art. Add that it’s one of my favorite places to photograph and I could go on and on.

Marissa and Eric are truly the sweetest and I have really enjoyed getting to know them over the last few months. They were pros during their engagement session! And now I am impatiently counting down the days to their September 2019 wedding at Riverdale Manor.

What started off as a summer romance for them easily transitioned into a strong relationship. They both agreed that things just felt so right and they couldn’t deny it any longer. Fast forward almost five years, a move to Washington DC, and adding their golden-doodle, Reggie, to their family. Marissa and Eric are both strong, intelligent, and hard working. Their hospitality, kind words, and the way they balance one another is a match made in heaven.

The Session…

With the United States Capitol and the Jefferson Memorial as our backdrops, that dreamy fall sunset poured in and we were transported to what felt like another world. It was a perfect day and a wonderful reminder that I am blessed with working with fantastic people that warm my heart. You could see the tenderness in the way Eric held Marissa. And you could see her eyes light up when she looked at him. They are true relationship inspiration and I am so honored to be able to call them friends.



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Couple holding hands walking down the steps of United States Capitol


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An Old City Philadelphia Engagement

Natalie + Tyler

Oh where to even start with this beautiful couple?

The other weekend Lilly and I braved the Philly traffic and met up with Natalie and Tyler at their home in downtown Philadelphia for their Old City Philadelphia engagement session. The young couple is passionate about their careers, their first home in the heart of the historic district that they brought back to life, their adopted cat, the city’s spirit and most of all, each other. The Temple graduates met in Italy while studying abroad and were not only dazzled by one another, but also by the fact that their paths would have most likely never crossed back at home. Talk about destiny!

The Session…

We had so much fun trekking around the city at sunset and learning all sorts of fun facts and backgrounds thanks to the worlds best tour guide, Natalie. Getting to know them a little more and what a day in their lives looks like was truly such an honor and is always one of our favorite parts of our “job”. The highlight of the night (besides taking photos of these stunning humans) was the goodie bag of Philly’s best candy and coffee they sent home with us (Shane Confectionery and La Colombe coffee from the local Fishtown Cafe!) and dinner and dessert at their favorite Italian Restaurant, Capofitto.

We ate. We reminisced over how they met and how they will return to Italy during their honeymoon. And we laughed, a lot. Their December wedding at Wyndridge Farm cannot come soon enough!






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Couple snuggling by the river in Philadelphia


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A New York City inspired engagement

Last weekend Ryan and I hopped in the car and drove to New York City for a fun little get away (happy early anniversary, babe!) and to meet up with Julianne and Sean in their hometown of Hoboken. And let me tell ya, these two are the best hosts! During their engagement session they shared their favorite places with us including the PATH train station where they both commute from daily into the city, their go to pizza place where you get a slice of pizza the size of your face, and one of the best views of the NYC skyline. We even met up with some of their closest friends at Union Hall for some fun photos and of course yummy food and drinks! To say we had a blast is a complete understatement.

Julianne and Sean’s engagement session was full of laughter (the deep down belly laughs where your cheeks hurt afterwards from laughing so hard) and tender forehead kisses because, in the words of Julianne, “He’s just so tall.” : ) The more I got to know this sweet couple the more I fell in love with them, too. So kind. So welcoming. And so thoughtful. It’s no wonder these two lovebirds are drawn to one another. If our short time with them last week is any indication of what the wedding day will be like, I truly cannot wait! Not only am I sure it will be so romantic and touching, but also overfilled with lots of joy and smiles.

Thank you over and over again, Julianne and Sean, for welcoming Ryan and I into your lives and for showing us around! August cannot come soon enough! And a huge thank you to Union Hall for letting us all hang out while I grabbed some super fun photos of the whole gang!




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A woodsy Central Pennsylvania spring engagement session

When Kristin and Tim arrived at our place this past Saturday for the engagement session I was wowed by how stunning they looked and how sweet of a couple they were. I immediately panicked as I was about to ask them to jump into Ryan’s truck and drive through our muddy fields to our first location. I was delighted to hear these two were completely up for it or as Kristin put it, “it was their cup of tea”. They even were up for braving the wet grass and oh my am I so glad they were. Kristin and Tim really came alive throughout their woodsy session as we made our way through the fields and over streams. Their smiles were infectious while they snuggled close and laughed together. And the peacefulness they exuded as they reminisced on where their relationship all began (in middle school!) and how far they’ve come since those days was contagious. I especially loved when they recounted the proposal story. Tim does woodworking in his free time and hand carved a box for the engagement ring to sit in. He then took Kristin to the Gettysburg battlegrounds, as they had many times before, with the box tucked safely into his boot. During our time with them, Kristin admitted to walking in on Tim one night as he was creating the wooden box and almost discovering his sweet surprise for her. Thankfully, Tim was quick to hid his handy work and Kristin never found out until Tim was on one knee.

Our time with Kristin and Tim was so fun and we cannot wait for their wedding day at The Lodges at Gettysburg. Until then, we will just continue ooo-ing and ahh-ing over these photos to get us through the next few months.

Mallory-McClure-Photography-spring-engagement Mallory-McClure-Photography-spring-engagement Mallory-McClure-Photography-spring-engagement Mallory-McClure-Photography-spring-engagement Mallory-McClure-Photography-spring-engagement Mallory-McClure-Photography-spring-engagement Mallory-McClure-Photography-spring-engagement Mallory-McClure-Photography-spring-engagement Mallory-McClure-Photography-spring-engagementMallory-McClure-Photography-spring-engagement Mallory-McClure-Photography-spring-engagement



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