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The three soul sisters of MMP

This trend of “soul sisters” seemed like just a thing of the social media world and a really cool hashtag, until I woke up one day and realized it had happened in my very own studio. As some of you you may know, I started this little photography business with a different name and a multi-passionate vision many years ago. I was still working an office gig and juggling what felt like two full-time jobs around the clock so that I could eventually quit my day job and support my dream of a creative life. Well that day arrived, I was able to walk away from the 9-5 life and dance into the entrepreneur world bursting at the seams with creativity. However, as much as I loved my new life I was finding myself quickly burning out on the very passion I had originally left for. As soon as I felt grounded in one aspect of my life another felt out of sync. I was finding it extremely hard to balance all of the great loves in my life (hubby, kiddos, photography) let alone have any time to refill my own cup.


Oh how sweet, our first bridal show together back when we began this journey!


Then, into my life mozied my favorite German, Lilly. ¬†Yes, I am allowed to point this out about her because we use it so lovingly when she comes up with fun words, such as “pengula” (which is Lilly for a pergola in case you too were wondering). She was just as excited about photography as I was and I could not WAIT to have her join me at every wedding (and in the studio). She was pregnant at the time with her first baby, sweet Emma, and we were quickly discussing all the wonderful moments of becoming a momma. We just ‘clicked’ right away, you know? We gushed over our hubbies, organic living, European vs. American life, and then remembered that we also needed to focus on work as well. I’m not even kidding when I say that we have to tell ourselves to work which you know is the best blessing when it comes to having a job. To enjoy it so much that it never feels like work. Often times our conversations revolve around how “old” I am or if Michael Jackson was actually music from ‘my time.’ I guess you could say she keeps me young? On a serious note though, Lilly has helped make this creative passion of mine more than a ‘job.’ It has become an enjoyable journey full of laughs, lots of singing and dancing on long car rides home, and now I have someone to gush over weddings with while enjoying Chipotle Burrito Bowls and Starbucks (or whatever brand of coffee we can find late at night after we’ve finished a wedding and need that extra boost of caffeine to get home).


While my girl Lilly was on maternity leave, another weird connection with my childhood bestie and I happened. She finally decided to join my team! I know, you’re wondering what weird connections we already have right? Ok, I will share a FEW of them in a little history lesson of Brooke and Mallory. We first met on a blind playdate when we were four years old and the friendship only flourished through elementary and into high school. We have shared MANY adventures along side one another including marrying McClure cousins (we had jokingly set out for brothers, but this would work just fine), having BOTH our babies four months apart, FINALLY living on the same road (we were separated for 10 years due to schooling and such… it was torture), and within the last year purchased GMCs… after both owning Jeeps first. Ok, it gets more and more strange as I type it out, but I LOVE IT! Lilly has even commented on our babbling of half sentences throughout the day that we miraculously understand of one another. Maybe we really do share a brain? Now, Brooke helps us to stay organized and some days we don’t have to actually talk to one another to understand what tasks need done around the studio. Anyway, she has become the third member of this little studio of soul sisters and I couldn’t be happier!


Actually, on that note, I think I’ll go hug them both now.

OH WAIT! Ha, so I guess you originally came here to know a little bit more about ALL of us. Well, here it goes… I, Mallory, am a girl of my dreams. I wish I could say I sit and ponder, but truthfully I am going ALL DAY (and sometimes into the night) long. I am often up late at night when I should be sleeping and actually dreaming, but instead I’m awake and getting all my thoughts out. I have been working hard on trying to change that up by getting to bed at a decent time and waking up earlier for some “me time” before the day starts. So far, so good! But back to my dreams… Other than the amazing ideas I have cooked up for Mallory McClure Photography and better ways for me to help people invest in their marriages, I have a vision of creating a little farm here on our property. I love homesteading and our whole family gets in on the process. Whether we are harvesting sweet corn from our backyard or asparagus from the decades old patch we were lovingly bestowed when we bought our property, Ryan, Natalee, and Emmet all share in my love for all things outdoors. Oh and the day Ryan finally said yes to chickens… you guys, I was SO excited. I got a cute little chicken coup with full intentions to let those feathery sistas roam around our house and have the kids chasing them around the yard. This dream came true, until well… you see, the thing about ‘free range’ chickens is that they are a delicacy to late night predators and one night, ONE, I forgot to put them back in their little coup. BUT, I will be redeeming myself with a fresh batch of chickies this spring and I have learned my lesson! Emmet, my dear, sweet little farmer man will be so thrilled! Now, to figure out how to harvest that sweet corn and turn it into my favorite snack, popcorn. Oh and maybe we can add a few grape vines and fruit trees and my perfect Friday night will be complete. A summer night campfire while snacking on popcorn and sipping homemade wine from our property; YES life goal. See, I’m just a dreamer living the best creative life I could have never imagined. So if you can’t find me behind a camera you will most certainly find me roaming about our little farm in the making with my hubby and kiddos in tow.

2018 has been the year of “present over perfect” for me and thanks to these lovely soul sisters I have been so blessed to cross paths with I have found it possible. Do we have it all together? Oh goodness, no! But we have each other to laugh and cry with when life gets crazy and a friendship that allows us to do what we do to the very best of our abilities. And what better way to serve our couples than that.




Outdoor photographs: Sparrow and Lace Photography

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