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mallory mcclure

The McClures | Family

“Family is like music. Some high notes, some low notes, but always a beautiful song.” -Unknown

If a photo is worth a thousand words then these are worth a million. It is times like these that I am reminded as to why I do what I do. For those of you who don’t know, the beautiful, spunky little lady with the adorable pixie is Molly. In August of 2015 we found out that Molly had Leukemia just as her little brother, Brody, was about to make his grand entrance into the world. It’s been quite a year since then, but nobody could have handled it with more grace and poise than their amazingly strong parents, Matt and Brooke. This is a family of fighters. A family that doesn’t give up. A family that loves unconditionally. A family I am proud to say are family of my own. A family that I am so honored to have captured some beautiful memories of for them to look back on and see how far they’ve come and the sweet, sweet life they are living. I cannot put into words how much these photographs mean to me, let alone the family and their loved ones, so I’ll let the images do the talking. As I gather this weekend with my own family, the McClures, and our dear friends to not only have fun celebrating Miss Molly’s third birthday, but to hold an event with our community to raise awareness for Leukemia, I can’t help but to look back on these images and think, “This is what it’s all about; family, love, strength, and togetherness.” What a phenomenal example this beautiful family has set for all of us! We love you more than words can say!

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