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mallory mcclure

Sometimes in order to look forward, we need to look back.

It has been an amazing year thus far and what better way to celebrate all of the love than with a look back at some of my favorite photographs of the beautiful couples I’ve had the honor of working with in 2016! From the battlefields of historic Gettysburg to the peacefulness of the Ned Smith Center, I have had the awesome opportunity to photograph so many gorgeous weddings at so many gorgeous venues. But no matter where the wedding is, what flowers the bride is holding, or what color of tie the groom is wearing, there is always one detail that remains powerfully the same; love. The love between the bride and groom, the love between a father and daughter, or the love between families. The love is always felt that day and is always celebrated. Thank you to all of the fantastic couples that shared their love with me in 2016! I look forward to all of the love 2017 has to offer and to all of the beautiful photographs and art that will come from it!

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