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mallory mcclure

One last time…

There’s a special moment that happens on each wedding day. It’s that moment right before the bride steps into her gorgeous gown and makes the final preparations to walk down the aisle to her best friend. It’s the turning point of the day in which all of the months of planning have come together and it’s time to see all of that hard work come to life. It’s at that moment that I capture one last image of that stunning dress in all of its perfection. Then it’s time for the bride to step into her lovely gown; a moment she’s been dreaming of. As the day continues on, vows are said, dances are danced, cake is cut and before you know it that beautiful piece of perfection has had its day. As you look back through the photographs of your wedding day it is my hope that this image makes you smile and that it brings back thoughts of the excitement and the anticipation of the greatest day of your life.

Happy Heart Day to all of you lovebirds planning your special day! I hope you enjoy this small tribute to some of my favorite gowns from 2015!

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