the philosophy

Recognizing what's really important in life and holding on to it with both hands brings about a sense of hope. It reminds us, grounds us, and fills us with unspeakable joy. Living outward from this space affects others in a positive way and creates stronger bonds of connection.

Mallory is a destination film and digital photographer located on the east coast. With over a decade of experience, Mallory has had the honor of celebrating with extraordinary people, witnessing the intimate moments as they navigate each season of life and capturing it with the utmost of intentionality.

Her background in art and design lends itself to preserving your memories with a combination of editorial artistry and documentary storytelling. Focusing on authenticity, Mallory provides a calming and well thought out experience allowing you to be fully present and providing a space to reconnect with yourself.

"Seeing the world from behind my lens puts me at complete peace all the while stirring up the excitement and anticipation of being on the brink of creativity."

- Mallory

I believe...

Every intimate moment presents an opportunity to show up with your whole self and be engaged in life.

Peace and calm encourages people to be in the moment.

Serving others brings joy, purpose, and belonging.

There is no detail too big or too small that is not worth capturing.

Timeless quality coupled with exclusive service provides a distinguishing experience.


There is nothing like sitting by the water with your eyes closed listening to the calming ebb and flow of the waves as they reach in towards you on the sandy shore. 

the garden

I believe in the strong ties we have with the earth and the wellness it provides. Nothing is better than sharing this passion with my family and teaching my little ones how to tend to and harvest their own food.

the mountains

Reaching for the sky, their peaks call me to adventure and give me permission to be aware of my surroundings and present in the moment. Whether I'm admiring them from afar or on top of their majestic heights, their inspiration is always the same. 


Artist & Storyteller