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Marriage Investment

Beyond the Vows

If you’ve been following along for a little while now or clicking around on the website, you’ve most likely heard of Beyond the Vows. It is a marriage investment experience near and dear to my heart that has allowed me to give back and serve couples in a way I never would have imagined.

husband and wife laughing near willow tree at Beyond the Vows

T  H  E      P  U  R  P  O  S  E

What if, even after your wedding day, your wedding vendors were working hard to pour into the marriage that they witnessed you begin?

That’s exactly what we hope to do with Beyond the Vows. 

We don’t want our bond with you to end after the wedding day is over. The reason we leave the security of a day job, and plunge into pursuing our own business, is because of you. Yes, we love weddings. But even more importantly, we love, support, and are fighting for the marriages that they represent.  

We invite you to come experience a photography session that will allow you to spend quiet time with your spouse, and remember why it was you said those wedding vows in the first place. We want you to remember holding hands, nervously speaking those words in front of your closest family and friends, as you pledged your lives to each other. We want you to feel those same butterflies in your stomach, the same tingles down your spine as you hear the words “husband and wife.”

These sessions aren’t about us. They aren’t about fancy hair and makeup. They are about you. They are about your marriage. 

We want you to remember WHY you chose to vow your life to another, through good and bad, through mountains, through valleys. Through the difficulties that life throws your way, and through all of the joys that it brings. Through beautiful children, through life-altering loss, through birthdays, and through fights. Through seasons of uncertainty, through fits of laughter, and through tender forehead kisses.

We invite you to come as you are, no matter what season of life you’re in, and celebrate your marriage.  

T H I S   I S   G O I N G   B E Y O N D   T H E   V O W S . 

And we are so excited. 

As co-founder of BTV, Hannah and I have written some helpful articles on marriage investment and why it is worth it. To learn more about Beyond the Vows and the heart behind what we do, check out the articles below!

Why it’s important to invest in your marriage

“Investing in your marriage whether you have been married one day or one year or one decade or more is so important. We live in a world with more marital distractions than ever and we are ready to beat that scary statistic of 50%. We are ready to lift you up and recharge your marriage. We are ready to walk with you through your struggles and cheer with you during your triumphs. We are ready to guide you through an uplifting and life changing marriage investment experience.”

Why we created Beyond the Vows

“We wanted to be better able to serve our couples far beyond the wedding day. Long after the suit had been returned, the dress had been hung, and even the photos and album placed in their new homes. We had teamed up before in the past and when it came time to plan the next collaboration our hearts cried out for something new. Something different. Something meaningful and powerful.”

Why Beyond the Vows is worth the investment

“There is a war against marriage taking place in our society, and we want you to fight. We want you to fight for your love story, fight for your spouse, and fight to always be growing deeper in your relationship. There are so many things that can come between you and your spouse if you let them, and the worst part? You might not even notice it happening.

We want you to fight against the temptation to let your phones keep you from connection. We want you to fight against the belief that, now that you’re married, you don’t need to date anymore. We want you to fight against becoming comfortable and stagnant in your relationship, because we believe your relationship can be so much more than that. We want you to fight with everything you’ve got in you for your marriage, because we believe with everything in our souls that marriages are worth fighting for.”

What to expect at Beyond the Vows

“The sessions themselves will be slightly different than our usual sessions. We dive deeper into questions and prompts that are meant to get you and your spouse connecting on an entirely different level. We truly want to capture your genuine love and relationship. For just a few hours, we want you to leave your responsibilities and worries at home, and set aside some time for yourselves to reset. When was the last time you let go and just had fun together? The last time you sat and talked about your relationship, and what it means to you? Our goal is to create a space and atmosphere for you to do just that.”

Mallory photographing a couple in the river at Beyond the Vows

For more behind the scenes of our marriage investment experience, check out this blog post about Beyond the Vows 2019!

Want to join us at BTV 2020?

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