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Mallory, Owner + Photographer

Hi there! My name is Mallory and I am the owner and a photographer of Mallory McClure Photography. My studio is based in Central Pennsylvania and I specialize in engagement photography, wedding day photography, and couples photography. I am married to my best friend and high school sweetheart and momma to two adorable little humans who have stolen my heart!

I think the best word to describe my work is organic. My style is pretty laid back and sessions are comfortable and relaxed. On wedding days I thoroughly enjoy getting to watch every moment from the bride adding the final touches to her hair and make-up to the look on the groom’s face as his wife-to-be makes her way down the aisle to that special moment shared by a father and daughter or mother and son as they make their way across the dance floor. I always say it, but it’s so true; I’m not just here to document one of the most special days in your life, but I’m here to make art with it that provides you with something to look back on and remember that warm fuzzy feeling you felt as you shared your first kiss as husband and wife or snuggled in close during your first dance. I’m also not just here to be your photographer. I love investing as much time into my couples as possible to give you the best wedding experience. I want to know how you met. I want to know how he (or she!) proposed. What are your favorite things to do together? I want to know about you and your relationship that has set you both on this fantastic journey towards marriage. And the best part of all (besides us becoming the best of friends) is that the more comfortable we are with one another the more comfortable you are when it comes time to be in front of the camera resulting in the most beautiful, intimate and unique photographs on the most beautiful and intimate day of your lives.

If you’d like to learn more about the Mallory McClure Photography experience and becoming a Mallory McClure Photography couple, feel free to look around or send me a message. I’d love to chat with you both!


Lilly, Photographer

Hey! I’m Lilly and I am the second photographer of Mallory McClure Photography. I just got the first year of photographing along side Mal under my belt and I am super excited for our upcoming season. When I met Mal for the first time we just hit it off. There is no better word to describe it as we “clicked”. We talked about traveling and food and most of all our shared love for photography. From the moment we met we just kind of knew we wanted to work together and I was literally ecstatic when she asked me to be part of her team and help her grow her beautiful business. Working together has been much more of creating art together than “work”. Our relationship is more of a friendship than a working relation and I believe that is the key to our smooth workflow on wedding days. Being in sync and pretty much reading each others minds makes your big day so much easier and hassle free on our end. And who does’t want a bit of a smooth sailing on their already hectic big day?

So a little about me, I am 24 years old, Mama to the most beautiful little baby girl and wife to a hardworking and good hearted man. I study at Penn State and hope to graduate rather soon. I am originally from Germany and moved to America a couple years ago to study and have some adventures. And adventurous it has been! I count myself very lucky with what life has given me. I am crazy about traveling, good food and of course photography. I love love and authenticity and let that guide my way of picture taking. That being said, if you are looking for a fun energetic and authentic team to be part of your wedding day and present you with all your valuable moments afterwards – look no further. You are right at Mallory McClure Photography.

Brooke, Creative Assistant

Hello there, my name is Brooke! When Mallory asked me to join her team as the Creative Assistant for Mallory McClure Photography, I jumped up and down, screamed with excitement, and said, “YES!”  I have had the pleasure of knowing her for more years than we will ever admit to and in high school, we rocked art class with our creative brains side by side.  So of course I was excited about this new opportunity! As the Creative Assistant, I get to come to work and do one of my favorite things, organize and color code! Yes, I find comfort in making sure that the colored labels are matching the color coded words on the wall mounted calendar.  It’s awesome.

Prior to this position, I have held many titles in the last few years including teacher, therapeutic support staff, essential oils enthusiast, self-proclaimed momcologist, and most importantly wife and “momma.”  I am married to my high school sweetheart and we recently moved back to his childhood home on a Christmas tree farm!  Oh, do I ever have big plans for the two littles in my life and the adventures we will have on that property!  When I’m not using my brain for creative duties, I get to have fun playing and singing all day with a proper princess and wild little man; however, she prefers they go by “Beauty and the Beast.”

Mallory has had all these amazingly creative ideas and just needed a few extra people to make her dreams come true.  That’s why I am here!  So from time to time, you may get a message or phone call from me.  Don’t be alarmed, I am working for the brilliant artist whose photographs you fell in love with and I will be here to help you as well!