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planning a wedding during COVID-19

Planning a wedding during COVID-19

Planning a wedding during COVID-19 has proved to be no easy task. Uncertainties that seem to change day to day. Rescheduling not just once, but perhaps two or three times. Having to now wait 6-12 more months after looking forward to this day for months already. Coordinating all of the postponing with your wedding professionals and then notifying all of your guests. All while trying to keep your focus on the why of it all.

To those of you postponing to 2021, I feel for you. It’s been a hard decision for everyone, but know your hearts are in the right place looking out for your family, friends, wedding professionals, and yourselves.

Many couples have elected to downsize their wedding plans to a more intimate ceremony and with that I raise a hallelujah. It has been quite inspiring to see each couple get creative to make their wedding day dreams come true. Intimate wedding now, big celebration later. Honestly, it’s the best of both worlds.

Katherine + Tyler

Set to be the first wedding of my 2020 season, Katherine and Tyler did some soul searching while trying to decide how to navigate their wedding day. Not wanting to wait, and who can blame ’em, they opted for putting their own creative spin on an idea Katherine had come across online. They were not going to let planning a wedding during COVID-19 get them down.

Thinking of their family and friends, they opted for a drive-ins themed wedding. The mountains and whimsical fields of their rural town as their backdrop, guests arrived and pulled into their spots along side the long aisle. Talk about a grand entrance! With the help of their DJ, guests were able to tune-in on their radios to hear the ceremony while watching from the safety of their own car.

After the ceremony, Katherine and Tyler greeted guests with thank you gifts as they drove by and shared their congratulations with the newlyweds and promises of getting together as soon as they could. While it may not have been the original plan, the important part was that they were married. Their marriage had begun and their closest family and friends were able to be there to witness it all amidst the difficulties.

Looking ahead…

If you are or someone you know is in the process of navigating planning a wedding during COVID-19, know your wedding professionals are here for you and we are listening. We are ready to do our very best for you and are trying to be as flexible as possible. We are also extremely thankful for the grace you give us as we are navigating uncertainties, too. And for those of you newly engaged couples trying to plan your dream wedding day for 2021, thank you for your patience and kindness as the couples of 2020 try to find a new date for their day. 

You all are an inspiration and proof that love can get us through anything. 

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planning a wedding during covid-19
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planning a wedding during covid-19
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planning a wedding during covid-19
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planning a wedding during covid-19

wedding planning during covid-19

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