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Top 5 Questions to ask your Photographer

Wedding planning can be SO overwhelming. Trust me, been there done that. All the deposit due dates, time lines and fine prints can add up quickly and make it impossible to sort through the ocean of information you have received to find the bits and pieces that are actually useful. Whether you are newly engaged and dipping your toe into the waters of wedding planning or have been at this for a few months now and find yourself drowning in the sea of information, don’t worry we got your back! We have learned tips and tricks over the years, made fantastic friendships with some amazing friendors (wedding vendors turned friends!) that we can hook you up with, and do everything possible to make your wedding day a relaxed experience so you can focus on the reason you’re doing all of this planning in the first place.

Today, we’re focusing on just the photography aspect of your wedding day and picked 5 of our favorite questions to be asked by our couples:


Featured above is our wedding magazine that we provide to our couples! It is FULL of helpful info to guide you through planning your wedding day.

And just to help set the scene, imagine you’re sitting in our studio meeting space on our comfy chairs holding the hand of your fiance as we chat with you over coffee and sweets…

1. Can I give you some ideas of shots I’d like you to take for sure? YES absolutely! What is important to you is important to us. We want to make sure your vision of storytelling comes to life. That is why is is SO important to us to make strong relationships with each one of our couples. We want to completely understand the visions in your head and make them a reality. That is also why we take the time to ensure that we are the best fit for you and that our artistic visions match your own. Have a Pinterest board with all of those amazing ideas?! Send it our way! We’re visuals and seeing other photographs beyond our own that you admire really helps.

2. What is your cancellation policy? Super important! Most photographers (us included) charge a non-refundable down payment to be made at the time of booking. This is simply because we hold that day for you and turn down other potential couples inquiring for the same date. When we become our wedding photographers we become YOUR wedding photographers and direct all of our focus that day on you.

3. When will I get to see my photographs after the wedding?┬áThis is a great question and super informative for the anxious time post wedding when all you do is want to relive the day through your images. For us its usually about 4 weeks. Around this time frame we will have you to our studio for a Design Session where we will walk you through your online gallery (available for sharing for 60 days), present you with your custom USB that holds all of your photographs, and start planning out how you are going to showcase your wedding memories whether it is through album design, print, or canvas. But don’t worry, there will be plenty of sneak peeks during that 4 week window to hold you over! We’re just as excited to share the photographs with you as you are to see them. We take the 4 weeks to perfect every detail of the presentation and make sure that we have as much time as we need to give attention to every last important detail.

4. How many images will you take at my wedding & how many will I see from you? As the professional we pride ourselves with only selecting the best of the best to present you with a flattering and accurate story telling of your day. Between the both of us, we take well over 1000 photos digitally, but will deliver the best of the best somewhere between 500 and 900. This number fluctuates depending upon several details of your wedding day. Do you have large immediate families? Will you be including your extended families in the formal family photographs? Are you including lots of personalized and unique details within the decore and experience of the entire day? How many guests are you having? The more there is to see and do during your wedding day the more there is for us to photograph. We also pride ourselves on shooting for perfection rather than shooting to perfect later in editing. This not only makes our lives easier post wedding, but allows us to provide you with even better photographs which lends itself to better telling the story of your wedding day which lends itself to a better experience overall and, well, you get the idea. Long story short, mainly the only photographs you won’t see are the multiple extras we take during family photographs to ensure everyone’s looking and eyes open or any repetitive shots from throughout the day. We want to properly document your wedding day giving it all of the love and attention it deserves, but we also don’t want to overwhelm you with hundreds and hundreds of similar photographs.

5. Do I need to provide meals for you? Great question to make sure vendors are taken care of or at the least you know if they need to take a dinner break and step out of the reception. Our answer to this question is always: Yes, PLEASE! Most wedding days we are there from morning till late nights and we want to make sure we don’t miss a single important moment. Eating when you eat and eating close by allows us to not miss a single thing! We truly, truly appreciate it when couples include us at meal time and we get that moment to recharge and refuel.



We hope these were helpful! There are so many things to think of and ask and with so many different blogs, magazines, and social media posts telling you what to ask it’s overwhelming to know what’s best to focus on and what’s not. Over the years we have been asked a lot of questions, but have found these five (on top of the usual questions such as collection prices, album choices, hours of coverage, etc) to reoccur time and again. For more helpful information give us a shout! Mention this blog post and we will email you our “I do” To Do’s Daily Planning Page! Ready for more helpful information? Head back to the home page and subscribe to our tribe for monthly newsletters that include featured friendors and other fantastic organizational tools and information.

We are always available for answering any of your questions and love meeting new people! Say hello today and let’s plan a day to get together for coffee or chat via FaceTime!

On that note, happy wedding planning!

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