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Why I Shoot Film Part II

Creating magic

Behind each element of a wedding day usually lives a long standing tradition or fascinating story waiting to be discovered and fully appreciated. As your photographer, I take pride in being able to share with you the story behind why photographing in film has significance, not only for me, but as a part of the greater human experience.

In our modern age of digital photography, it is hard to imagine just how revolutionary the invention of film was. Amuse me for a moment by allowing the whole concept of photography to be reframed in your mind. Long ago, humans discovered that a single moment in time could be frozen simply by combining light and paper. It must have seemed like pure magic at the time. To me, it still does.

Bride in wedding gown and veil with bouquet in garden photographed on film

Indeed, in this digital age a little bit of the magic has slipped away. Click. Click. Click, goes the camera. Every imperfection edited out in post production. Each new editing and special effect that comes down the pike has all of us asking the same question, “What is real anymore?”

Capturing Each Moment Just As It Happened

A wedding day is not a photoshoot and you and your fiance shouldn’t feel the pressure of suddenly transforming into actors or models. Photographing a wedding is about remembering a grand day of celebration and re-experiencing it just like it happened.

Bride and groom walking holding hands in garden photographed on film

Unlike digital photography, shooting film is all about capturing a single moment with the utmost intentionality. Limited amounts of both film and time forces me to pay close attention to my subject. Once I click that button, the moment is captured forever. No editing, no tweaking, just magic. With film, even the imperfections become beautiful as they reflect the authenticity of the moment.

Double exposure film photograph of bride and wedding bouquet

“It must have seemed like pure magic at the time. To me, it still does.”

A Romantic and Timeless Aesthetic

With its hint of grain, soft textures, and sentimental feel, film photography lends itself so well to weddings and romance in general. The fine art and painterly feel of film has really begun to endear itself to the wedding community as a whole and it makes me so excited. In such a fast paced world, something as sentimental as holding a tangible film photograph stirs something in all of us that reminds us of a different time. It slows us down and in its simplicity embodies the qualities we should value, especially in marriage.

Time should never be wasted. The important moments should be remembered just the way they happened. And good things come to those who wait.

Black and white film photographs of bride and groom
Groom and his boutonniere photographed on film
Bride holding her ring hand to her cheek photographed on film
Examples of wedding day tablescape and flatlay details photographed on film

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